Rates and Services

Private Lessons - $50

One-on-one instruction gives riders a chance to learn new skills and work through challenges at their own pace.  Lessons include pre and post ride grooming and tacking/untacking.  Time spent in the saddle is typically 30 minutes and the horsemanship instruction is about 15 minutes before and after the ride.  Our hands-on approach to horsemanship allows kids and adults to learn proper horse care and handling, in addition to riding skills.

Semi-Private Lessons - $40

Semi-private lessons are taught in small groups of 2-4 riders.  They offer the opportunity to work on maneuvering around other horses and riders in the ring, while being a fun and social activity for kids and adults alike.  Just like our private lessons, saddle time is typically 30 minutes with 15 minutes of pre and post lesson horsemanship.

Tiny Tot Lessons - $30

Tiny tot lessons are 20 minutes of saddle time and they are perfect for our youngest riders who love horses, but don't quite have the attention span for an hour of time spent with their equine friends.  Basic horse care and grooming are covered, but not as intensively as once our tots graduate to regular lessons.

Show Horse Lessons - $75

Take a test ride on one of our show horses!  Riding a show horse is a fun step up and challenge for our intermediate and advanced riders.  Show horses are highly trained, high powered, and can be a thrilling experience for their riders!

Board - $775/month
  • A stall and amenities in our main barn.

  • Full day turnout for small goups  (weather permitting). Overnight is also available in summer.

  • Half day turnout for individual horses

  • Feed-3x a day (we offer several types of grain and will customize feeding programs).

  • Hay (3 feedings per day).

  • Seasonal blanketing, fly-spraying and booting for turnout are included.

  • Dispensing of most supplements and medications.

Show Horse Training - Call for current rates! (610) 248-3590